Building a Classified Ads Directory With WordPress

When it comes to the blogging or the content management systems, WordPress seems to be the trendiest one and the most powerful one in this regard. In fact, building an ads directory with WP is also getting popular these days. So here are the few basic features of WordPress classified theme that support the building of ads websites.

Typical classified WordPress themes offers functionality such as

User registration

WP allows you to get your users registered in your websites so that you can allow your website users to comment, to add posts or even to perform various other types of actions in your site. The user registration feature is built-in for various WordPress themes however; this function is turned off by default that you can turn on at any time.

Member dashboard


The member dashboard is a user friendly plugin installed in the WP themes that allows you to post ads and manage according to your own recommendations it offer free or even the premium content in your site. With member dashboard, you can protect some of your pages and posts that can be viewed only by the members. If a non-member or front end users can visit that ads on your website, to post an ad on front end user just need to login and that all ads can mange from this dashboard easily and frequently.

A large search box

You are also allowed to add a large search box in your site and you can add it anywhere you want to adjust it like in the header, in the footer and even in the sidebars. The search box allows the users to search anything of their interest in your website easily. Thus they will not have to go through all the pages and the posts individually but they will just type the topic in the large search box and they will search it within seconds.

Ability to post an ad


The classified themes also allow you to post an ad and it can be done within no time. In this way, you can increase your Google AdSense revenue together with your CTR. Such themes will allow you to automatically post the ads after the specific number of paragraphs in your content. Therefore, you would not have to face any trouble of posting the ads manually for every single post.

A WYSIWYG editor

One of the great features being offered in the WordPress themes is A WYSIWYG editor. Basically, WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get” and it is the best tool for creating a highly informational ad description even without knowing html. Hence you can create the web pages or the ad description even without any need to learn HTML first.

Thus WP and the classified ad posting themes of have made the lives of the website owners much easier. In fact, these themes make your site user friendly and this is what that the user want. One of the most popular classified ad themes is AdForest that will support you in Ad posting websites easily with WordPress. Feel free to install this latest theme and enjoy its great features!